How to make unlimited money through link shortner

How to make unlimited money through link shortner

Link shortner is a easiest way to earn money. If someone doesn't know what is that so I will clear that first of all. Linkshortner is a tool from which you can make any vast link or any link to a small link. The small link is provided by the link shortner website after the link is short then you have to share with your friends on whatsapp or by email but you can't share the link to facebook or Instagram so don't try to share on this platform or else you will be banned. In this article I will share a trick to get unlimited views. So if you want to know what the trick is so I will tell you to read this full article.
I will show you some images of link shortner website.

   This is the dashboard of The name of the company is know for highest payout throughout the world. It is also recorded in the guinness world record.
You can withdraw your money when it is $5 or greater through paytm, PayPal and bank transfer also.

    This is also a link shortner website it's speciality is it give payout when you reach to $0.5 you can withdraw through paytm, PayPal or bank transfer.

Hack to get unlimited view on your links

This is very easy hack you just have to follow some simple steps which I will tell you after getting all steps you will be able to earn unlimited money through link shortner websites.
  1. You have to download the browser name called mCent browser. 
  2. You have to open the site eg then you have to sign in. 
  3. Take any link which you have to do short. 
  4. Then the site will give you the shorten link. 
  5. Then you have to open chrome browser or any browser you use. 
  6. Paste that link to chrome browser. 
  7. Then you will have to fill the recaptha and you have to wait for 10 seconds then you will get option "GET LINK". Click on that. 
  8. Then you will be  get redirected to original link. 
  9. After that open your mCent browser and see if there is growth in your views there will be definitely growth. 
  10. With this method you can do unlimited time and you can do easily 1000 times and you will get $6 daily. 

If you want to know the second trick let me know in the comment box. 
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