How to take dslr photos at night with smartphone | full tutorial

How to take dslr photos at night with smartphone
     In this blogpost I will tell you what is the secret and how you can change your picture from this
To this
So let's start the tutorial. There so easy steps to take this types of photos. The materials you need is a smartphone obvious, a small tripod to stand your phone that sit.

Steps to take dslr photos at night with smartphone.

  1. You have to set up your smartphone on tripod. 
  2. Open the camera and go to the professional /Pro mode. 
  3. Then first of all you have to focus on your object. 
  4. Then you have to set the ISO on 100 or at the lowest.
  5. Then you have to increase your shutter speed (means in that time the camera can take much light) 
  6. In this whole process the smartphone should not be shaking. 
  7. Then you have to click on the capture button and your photo 📸 will be ready according to your shutter speed. 
  8. The photo is ready and you can show your friends and impress them. 
     If you still have doubt you can watch this video after watching this video your all doubts will clear.

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