Lots of money spend by Whatsapp to fight fake news.

Lots of money spend by Whatsapp to fight fake news.

     Whatsapp is the world's biggest platform for sharing videos and chatting a person who is miles away from us and whatsapp come with video calls and voice call for free once a device has Internet connection.           
        WhatsApp fake news campaign

   A survey told us that WhatsApp spent ₹120Crs to fight fake news in past five months. Like whatsapp spreading awareness through radio 📻 , television 📺 and by street play and going school to shool and college to college for awareness of fake news.

    Because of fake news their create a contr-
oversy on a particular subject like POLITICAL is a big subject to make controversy like to give threat during elections.
    The 17th LOK SABHA ELECTIONS will conducted in upcoming 4 to 5 months. So whatsapp is trying to reduce fake news. The awareness is already started before 5 months.
    Whatsapp upgrading day by day like previously we share are videos or images to all our contacts but after updates it is restricted to share five contacts at a time.
    But still there is spamming, people share unusual news as breaking news.
    We are also a part of society so we itself have to understand that we should stop spreading fake news. As a part of society we should contribute towards society to create awareness. I
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